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Is your inside staff in contact with customers or potential customers by phone?

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Are these conversations typically reactive or proactive?

Are they mostly order taking?

Do they generate activity that leads to additional revenue?

Do these conversations leave money on the table?

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Every organization communicates with it's customers by phone . . .

  • with an organized and dedicated inside selling group - inbound or outbound 

  • or customer service only

  • or even casual office staff

Scott has helped 377 clients nationwide optimize phone communications to maximize revenue

To learn more and determine the potential to strengthen these capabilities with your inside staff  . . .


Continue reading below for additional examples of phone conversations that can be more productive.

Click here to find out how an effective, interactive conversation in these circumstances can dramatically change the results and add to your bottom line.

Click here to meet Scott and explore how consultative sales techniques can be introduced to strengthen your inside selling efforts

   For samples of actual project details by industry category, type of company

or organization or market description, click Case Histories/Testimonials 

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Other very typical (unfortunately) scenarios of

unproductive phone conversations by inside staff, and

sometimes even dedicated  inside sales folks:

  • Calls are relatively short – a minute or two – not long enough and sufficiently in-depth to build relationships and identify needs that lead to sales opportunities.

  • Inside staff is basically just responding to what is being said - not in control -  not creative or leading in any way -  unable to expand the conversation.

  • It's more of a PR effort - certainly not bad for business  - but really not generating prospects.

  • On inbound, customer service/help situations - a reluctance to appear too much like a 'sales' person, to be 'pushy' and as a result, completely miss possible selling openings.

A more conversational (consultative) form of

telephone selling and program strategies can

address the shortcomings of these reactive calls.

  • It can can change the equation and help build and reinforce sales and marketing efforts and do more to grow the business.

  • Scott Ashby provides remote and in-person consulting services and customized training programs that emphasize consultative inside selling techniques by phone.

  • Click here to meet Scott and review his credentials and explore how relationship-building sales techniques can be introduced into your inside selling efforts and strengthen your marketing results

  • Or, continue below for a more in-depth explanation regarding this very different and better connecting approach to inside sales 

Conversational (Consultative) Telephone Selling
Business Conversation

This "consultative" method is applicable in any telephone conversation between company staff and customers or prospects – from administrative, clerical folks, customer service and obviously organized inside sales reps.

The "consultative" method is an excellent tool for reducing selling costs, building relationships, and using any inside staff to better penetrate the marketplace and generate new business by telephone.

Consultative, value-added selling is based on getting the contact to talk, and it cannot be accomplished in a two- or three-minute span of time. It is vastly different from the typical "telemarketing" approach and more comparable to an effective face-to-face sales call, except it's executed by phone.

It is much more productive than a typical, reactive customer service call. 

In many cases, with the proper approach, inbound calls can comfortably be converted to such much more useful conversations.

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This website . . . and Scott Ashby's whole business being, for that matter . . . has been dedicated to the proposition, explained above, that there is value in a higher quality, business-to-business telephone sales call that involves a genuine give and take conversation.

Since 1979, Scott has helped 377 clients nationwide better utilize inside staff to maximize their use of the telephone as a high-impact sales and marketing force . . . to better penetrate their customer base, reach new and niche markets and control sales costs.

These clients involve a wide variety of business-to-business industries, markets and selling situations; with exceptional satisfaction.

See random Testimonials below.


For samples of actual project details by industry category,

type of company or organization or market description,

click: Case Histories/Testimonials 

For a full list of all clients served, by industry category,

click: Complete Client List

Better yet, talk to Scott directly to determine if consultative selling can have a positive impact on your organization . . . call or email and schedule a no-obligation, no-cost, 30-minute zoom call.                                           

"...... I'm particularly pleased with the attitude of the inside sales staff and how they've taken hold of the proactive calling program ...... They're seeing that the principles can even be applied on their regular incoming calls ....." 

(For 2003 sales were up over 70 % with the proactive accounts and over $1 million in incremental sales were generated; in 2004 the sales increased another 37 % with the program)

Bob Mathes, A/V Market Manager, Draper, Inc.

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